Zimbabweans are currently suffering from severe inflation. The inflation rate is currently at 131.7%.

The people are without help as they have to succumb to low cost products as a means to outlive the pricey goods at top supermarkets.

Solution lies in truck shops where goods can be purchased at lower prices and good rates, compared to the top supermarkets. The South African country has put up with years of irregular currency value which depreciated by adoption of the US currency.

The local Zimbabwe Dollar is also affected by the black market, and economists have notified that if it is not contained, the local currency would continue to worsen.

As local investment company, Inter-Horizon Securities is of the opinion that with the local currency confronted with a sudden fall down, the economy of the South African country is moving towards “full dollarization.”

Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye is a writer at Insight.ng helping to spread informative news to the public. Specializing in content writing, Taiye uses that experience to bring light to the African business news. Other times, Taiye loves getting creative with the keyboard and adding to the number of companions around her.

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