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Zimbabwe’s Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) has issued a warning to Starlink users and resellers, stating that they must obtain the necessary licenses to operate legally.

Starlink, which plans to launch in Zimbabwe soon, has not yet secured the required license from POTRAZ. The regulator suggests that Starlink can either apply for a direct license or partner with a registered public network in the country to provide its service.

Users may also be required to apply for private network licenses. POTRAZ expressed concerns about unauthorized entities distributing customer premises equipment for satellite-based internet services. Even local resellers must obtain VNO agreements with Starlink for approval after obtaining a local license.

Dr. G.K Machengete, director-general of POTRAZ, emphasized that operating telecommunication equipment without a valid license is a statutory offense punishable by law.

Zimbabwe follows South Africa in implementing stricter regulations regarding Starlink usage. South Africa recently banned the importation, distribution, and use of Starlink services until the licensing requirements set by the Elon Musk-owned company are met.

Olawale Moses Oyewole
Olawale Moses Oyewole
Olawale Moses Oyewole is an adept writer who stays on top of current events and curate informative and engaging articles for his readers. He is a digital strategist who help brands gain online visibility.

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