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Artificial intelligence undoubtedly has taken over many spheres of life, piloting new ways things happen. The world has experienced a wave of innovations in recent times all tied to artificial intelligence across various sectors including banking, finance, medicine, sports, aviation, education and more.

We recently captured moments at the annual International global conference of the English Language Testing (ELT) Society which had in attendance a wide array of educational experts across the globe with participants from America, Canada, Asia, Europe Africa and the Middle East to gain insights into technology adaptation in education and best practices to implement the use of numerous innovation with special focus on AI to further the course of education globally while also proferring practical use case scenarios for students adaption in the use of Artificial Intelligence.

In this global Online live event which took place from the 27th to 28th of October 2023, Emmanuel Ogbewele co-hosted the session on AI Ethics in the Educational Ecosystem – A Practical Approach with over 150 attendees. During this session, participants were exposed to various eye-opening practical knowledge-based lectures covering AI Ethics, the responsible use of AI, how institutions can use AI to predict students’ performance and identify potential issues, AI tools and platforms for education and the ethical use of AI for (students, education content creators, teachers and developers) to ensure that the sanctity of the educational ecosystem is kept intact while ensuring the merits of technologies like AI are fully utilized in our current day world.

It was quite an insightful session with a lot of information educators all over the world benefited from.

About Emmanuel Ogbewele

Emmanuel Ogbewele is a tech expert who also has vast experience in the Education industry, delivering and creating educational content while training educators over the years on the use and adaptation of technology in everyday teaching. His passion for raising educators who have a deep understanding of technology has made him a highly sought-after speaker at educational tech events of this nature. Earlier in the year, he facilitated the prestigious Africa ELTA Online training event for teachers across Africa on the practical use of Artificial Intelligence which had over 100 participants in attendance.

We hope to see more of Emmanuel soon, you can check out and follow his works at

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