Binance to Kick-off Crypto Education Tour in Five African Countries

Binance, a cryptocurrency firm, embarked on a Crypto Education in five African French-speaking countries. The Tour aims to increase the rate of Crypto adaptation and financial accessibility in these African countries. During the training, the participants would be exposed to the basics of blockchain and also be guided to discover the different realistic user cases in their daily activities. 

In a statement, Binance pointed out the difficulty to receive or make transfers for African countries. 

Progress on the Tour

The Tour started on September 10th with Togo in Cotonou, Benin taking the lead. Scheduled visits to Togo, Côte D’Ivoire, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso were also planned out. 

In attendance at Benin, the Crypto Education program was 400 attendees passionate and eager to understand the cryptocurrency system. At the end of the program, attendees participated in a general NFT quiz. People in Francophone Africa get to learn:

  • The basics of blockchain technology
  • Grasps its day-to-day application
  • How to earn a living with cryptocurrency and store up the  value 
  • Comprehend the systems of trading; the how what, why, where, and when 

Carine Dikambi, Francophone Africa Lead at Binance Speaks about the Tour

Carine Dikambi, Francophone Africa Lead at Binance in a statement said Francophone Africa can foster the Blockchain Revolution. Hence, Binance has the responsibility to ensure the provision of tools, knowledge, and access to use digital assets and blockchain. She also pointed out a community is essential in the building of the blockchain. Behance bringing like-minded people enthusiastic about Cryptocurrency to grow and learn from each other is a huge win for Francophone Africa, signifying its success already.

Scheduled Dates for Other African Countries

In an official statement, Behance confirmed its next tour to be at tyourgo on 24 September, Côte D’Ivoire on the 8th of October, Cameroon on the 22nd of October, and then Burkina Faso on the 9th of October. Africa has gradually come to accept Blockchain technology. And has been adopted for different cases. As a means to create awareness and identify talents, Binance has been conducting this training in strategic places. 

Other Feats of Binance

Last month, Binance in partnership with Inoni Tech, unveiled its crypto education hub in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Inoni Tech is  a non-profit tech center that provides resources and necessary coaching for young people in Francophone Africa

Since the launching of the Binance Masterclass Education Series, Binance has educated over 600,000 Africans about cryptocurrency. Some of which were offline and others, virtually.


Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
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