Roam Announces the Launch of Kenya’s First Electrically Powered Bus

Roam, formerly known as Opibus has announced the launching of their electric-powered transit bus, the Roam Rapid. 

The Roam rapid invention was driven by the need to solve some of nature’s problems as well as create an easy route for the public transportation system in Nairobi and Africa generally. Roam rapid gives a remedy for the fast-growing population of countries operating on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems across Africa. 


Roam, a technology company based in Kenya was founded in 2017. This tech-composing design develops and deploys electrically powered automobiles constructed for African countries. It aims to hasten the rate of adoption of electrically powered automobiles in Africa  

Roam seems to change the awareness of public transportation automobiles by ensuring it is modernized, efficient, inclusive, and sustainable. 

Structure of the Roam Rapid

Roam confirmed that Rapid is the first bus in Kenya designed for Amass transit. It has a capacity of about 90 people. This allows for enough space for boarders to sit or stand around. 

The bus has preference spaces for the elderly borders including the disabled. These areas have more competence for the leg, wheelchair, and floor-level entry for accessibility. 

Roam’s Rapid has a tailpipe emission of zero alongside low noise pollution. This construction slowly opens the pathway to the next generation of public system transport in Africa. 

Impact of Roam Rapid on Kenya’s Economy

Kenya’s grid is primarily powered by energy that can be renewed easily. This implies that the Rapid would be charged using an extremely clean electricity source.

89% of electricity generated in Kenya in 2021 was supplied by Renewable. This was largely attributed to the geothermal, hydro, wind, and other utility-scale solar. From statistics, Kenya ranks in the top ten African countries with geothermal installed capacity.

The geothermal capacity installed in Kenya is now up to 1,000 MW. Kenya has more capacity to add more, with a potential estimated to be 10,000 MW. This dependable, renewable geothermal energy can secure the economy’s growth in line with the industrialization agenda in Kenya. And guarantee electricity supply to boost the growth of the electric mobility sector as well the electric vehicle assembly and manufacturing industries.

The Roam benefits Kenya as there would now be a substitution for clean electricity in place of imported petroleum. The Importation of petroleum products takes up a huge fraction of Kenya’s import bill.

Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
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