Chapa Announces the Launching of Ethiopia’s First Global Payment Method

Chapa, a Financial Technology branch, announced the launching of its global payment option. Chapa aims to ease payment for companies in African countries. With Chapa, businesses and organizations now have the option of accepting and making transactions with digital currencies using the desired foreign or local payment options. Also, payment APIs can be used for any digital platform. 

Objectives of Chapa

Chapa, a Financial Technology company was established in 2020 by the leading entrepreneurs, Israel Goytom and Nael Hailemeriam. In May 2022, the company was officially granted a license to operate by the Ethiopian Government. 

In a report, Israel stated that Ethiopia, the second largest country in Africa with over one hundred and one people, suffers limitations due to fragmentation of payment in businesses. 

In his speech, he also said that Chapa has adopted and accepted the holy-grail tools, strategies, techniques, and policies. Including, putting certain systems in place to ensure the high-quality production of tech solutions for business places. Entrepreneurs now only have to worry about the growth of their companies while Chapa handles their transaction problems 

Israel, Chapa’s Chief Technology officer, assured us that the company’s products are solely focused on its customers. He explained that to make this possible, he spends time communicating with the company’s target audience

Chapa assures African Countries of its Support 

Chapa, in its report, stated its intention to assist Ethiopian businesses scale in the global market. Hailemariam, co-founder and CEO of Chapa explained that the launch marks the company’s entrance into the Ethiopian market. In his speech, he further explained the three phases of the project. Phase two aims at making a tremendous impact on the growth of East Africa’s Market. And phase three involves replicating the result in other African countries.

Chapa’s Accomplishments 

Chapa and its team handled projects including the building of which focuses on fundraising champions. From this project, Chapa and its team were able to raise USD 300,000 which was used to solve some of the major problems in Ethiopia.

Again, Chapa, in partnership with Ethiopia’s biggest bank, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, was able to build This project raised a sum of USD 6,000,000 as aid for internally displaced persons in Ethiopia. And health facilities that were damaged due to conflicts 

In the CEO’s words, he assured us of continuous work saying Chapa has indeed, proven to make an impact within a short period. Chapa continues to partner with its stakeholders for the continuation of its projects 

Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
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