Pepkor IT Announces its Partnership with Google Cloud to Provide Quality Shopping Experience for South Africans

Pepkor IT, a sub-branch of Pepkor Group has partnered with Google Cloud to improve the shopping experience of its brand.

Pepkor intends to use Google Cloud’s Data Studio, BigQuery, and Cloud Dataflow in the decision-making and management of the company.

Impact of Google Cloud on Pepkor IT

Google Cloud explained the ease of replenishing stocks with the use of its assets in Pepkor IT, according to the report. Stating that time the company uses to stock goods in its stores has considerably dropped to eighty hours per month. including the boosting Of staff efficiency by 50%

Pepkor IT in an interview said that since the use of Google Cloud asserts, there has been a significant reduction in the company’s decision-making time. 

Explaining that before now, certain decisions in the company’s report took up to two hours. But now, these decisions could be made in under two minutes.

Also, the time expended on the calculation of the company’s stock report was three hundred hours. Contrary to now, when reports and calculations could be done in five minutes! He exclaimed. Pepkor Group can now, with the help of Google. cloud asset, run its logistic branch. 

As a result of this transformation, the store is stocked more efficiently, delivery time is shortened, productivity in staff is heightened and customers can purchase their goods at a lower price compared to before.

The Director of Google Cloud Speaks about the Collaboration 

In a statement from the Director of Google Cloud, Niral Patel, he  stated that the partnership between Google Cloud and Pepkor Groups is significant and that data has the power to improve the working condition of businesses thereby resulting in quality service and high customer satisfaction experience. 

Pepkor again used Google Workspace to regulate the manual processes for work requests from its 5,400 retail shoes. As a result, work can now be carried out effectively in three days, compared to the initial 15 days of processing time.

The Chief Information Officer, Pepkor Group Speaks on the Company’s Partnership

The Chief Information Officer, Pepkor Groups, Gabrie Gouws, in his speech stated that the alliance between the Pepkor Groups and Google Cloud is a prove that businesses can leverage innovation to improve lives, as the company is doing 

He further stated that the company’s big data comprises an in-depth and extensive collection of data unlike before. This is due to the company’s ability to now process the vast amount of data in seconds

Finally, he assured us that the company’s partners can now perform the analytics more efficiently due to the environmental condition, resulting in quicker and more satisfactory decisions 

Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
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