Kenya-based financial firm Ed Partners Africa and social impact investor Oikocredit have forged a strategic partnership to enhance access to private education in Kenya. As part of this collaboration, Ed Partners will secure a loan facility of $1.5 million from Oikocredit to drive this initiative.

Access to quality education remains challenging for many Africans due to insufficient teachers and outdated curricula, among others. The partnership between Ed Partners and Oikocredit seeks to bridge this education gap, employing their combined expertise to create a lasting positive impact on the education sector.

Amos Mwangi, CEO of Ed Partners Africa, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This funding collaboration will further increase Ed Partners’ capacity to offer loan facilities to affordable private schools to expand and improve their infrastructure in line with the requirements of the new education curriculum in Kenya.”

The overarching goal is to enhance the quality of education, broaden access to learning materials, and foster sustainable development in Africa. Ed Partners specializes in providing financial and non-financial solutions for affordable education in Kenya. The company supports schools with various amenities such as classrooms, laboratories, and dormitories, while also helping them acquire technological resources like computers, buses, and internet connectivity through infrastructure loans.

Ed Partners’ Beyond Loans initiative offers advisory services and management support to schools, facilitating their long-term success. With a notable track record, the company has positively impacted over 400 schools, providing education to more than 100,000 students across 20 countries.

Lewis Nyaga, Oikocredit’s Investment Officer in East and South Africa, expressed excitement about the partnership’s potential for innovative educational initiatives. He highlighted opportunities for curriculum development, teacher training programs, educational technology integration, and research projects.

Ed Partners Africa Limited is a registered non-bank financial services company in Kenya dedicated to improving access to affordable education across the continent through financial and non-financial solutions.

Oikocredit, a social impact investor with nearly five decades of experience, focuses on funding organizations involved in financial inclusion, agriculture, and renewable energy. Through loans, equity investments, and capacity-building efforts, Oikocredit aims to empower individuals with low incomes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to enhance their living standards sustainably. With a substantial capital base, Oikocredit supports over 500 partners globally.

Philip Adebayo
Philip Adebayo
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