SustyVibes has launched Bioverse NG Project in partnership with the German Embassy in Nigeria. SustyVibes is a youth-led firm that aims for dependable and obtainable continuity for the continent.

This collaboration will ensure that 200 youths understands biodiversity and the significant part it plays in promoting a sustainable earth. The project underscores a steadfast commitment to comprehend and value our diverse biodiversity for its contributions to maintaining a thriving environment.

The event will include an online learning workshop for 6 weeks, training for 3 candidates, communal conversations, and a public seminar.

Jennifer Uchendu, the Founder of SustyVibes revealed that “The Bioverse NG project provides a platform to reinvigorate youth participation and leadership in biodiversity and climate change dialogues in Nigeria.”

“It’s a project created by and for young people, designed to help us foster the agency, optimism, and resilience needed in times of multiple crises.”

Annett Gunther, the German Ambassador to Nigeria, Annett Günther, further said, “The biodiverse NG project enables us to establish connections and synergies between climate and environmental protection, along with nature conservation.

“Through this project, young individuals can learn and become agents of change within their communities. Germany remains committed to advancing a sustainable and green future, a priority of our foreign policy.”


Olatoyosi Esuola loves art, poetry, and spoken words. He is a big fan of jazz music and movies, which is why he see everyone as actors here on earth getting their takes. He has been writing poetry and articles for over a decade and has published a book of poems.

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