How to Find Pleasure in your Entrepreneurship Journey

Have you ever started a business of your own? Or created a business plan to start off but never really committed to it because of the stress or risk accompanying it? This is understandable, because having your business can be extremely frustrating and keeping up may present numerous difficulties.

This article will delve into how to find pleasure in your entrepreneurship journey if you decide to continue that business or actualize that business plan.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of undertaking the risk of starting up a new venture to produce profit. It involves organizing, managing, and undertaking risks presented with the selected business undertaken.

An entrepreneur on the other hand is a person who has started or is in the process of starting an enterprise. The qualities of a good entrepreneur include innovation, passion, social skills, decision-making, patience and others. 

Entrepreneurs are faced with various challenges and hurdles. So, if you are in search of ways to find pleasure during your entrepreneurship journey, keep reading this article because you deserve a solution to your frustration.

Risks of Entrepreneurship

Let’s look at the risks involved in entrepreneurship. Here is a list of things that may frustrate your entrepreneurship journey:

  1. Uncertainty

As an entrepreneur, nothing is certain and this may be frustrating because you may not know when the next customer will walk in or what your decisions may result in. You don’t know if your idea will work if your customers will buy, if your competitors will catch up, or if your cash flow will last. It is like a journey into the unknown.

  1. Financial Constraint

Cash flow may be stunted and there may be restrictions to the way money is spent. Funding the business and financial risks, in general, can be frustrating, just the thought of investing your money in the wrong place is a lot of pressure.

  1. Market Changes

Changes in the price of goods may frustrate an entrepreneur, as that would lead to investing more capital which you probably did not budget for. This may lead to destabilization if you are one who plans your income through and through.

  1. Tedious Decision Making

Making decisions for your business may frustrate you, even to the extent of wanting to  quit. These decisions may turn out to be frustrating because of the fear of making wrong decisions, overthinking and weighing too many options.

  1. Competition in the Market

This may be discouraging and frustrating because new competitors arise regularly and how to stay afloat in the market or how to stay relevant may be greatly tasking hence this may fuel your frustration.

  1. Failure

Failure is the most frustrating part of being an entrepreneur but it’s bound to happen. Many entrepreneurs have lost the zeal to continue the journey due to consistent failure to yield profit.

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How to Find Pleasure in Your Entrepreneurship Journey

In light of the downsides and frustrating aspects of going on an entrepreneurship journey, below are things you could infuse into your journey to make it less frustrating, basically how to find pleasure in your entrepreneurship journey:

  1. Surround Yourself with a Great Support Team

These may be friends, family, business partners or anyone who could basically encourage, advise and lift your spirit on the worst days. With this in place, the bad days would no longer feel so bad or so exhausting.

  1. Take Out Time for Self-Care

As an entrepreneur, it may be so hard to balance out your life, the work life balance may be so hectic but you need to ensure that there is time awarded to yourself for working so hard on taking your business to places.

Relax and take care of yourself. It does not matter how little the treat is, it could be getting a new haircut and a massage, getting your nails done or going hiking with friends, anything that would feel like self-care to you as an individual.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Not achieving the goals you have set out for yourself can be so diminishing as an individual, talk more of an entrepreneur. We all have big dreams that we need to start actualizing from somewhere, so set achievable goals. Short term goals may be the best in order to track your growth and appreciate your achievements. 

  1. Always Celebrate the Little Things

The little wins from the short term realistic goals will cause a celebration. By acknowledging and celebrating these little wins you would find some sort of pleasure in your entrepreneurship journey because there are clear signs of progress.

  1. Take Breaks

Take breaks and pause sometimes when it becomes overwhelming to handle being an entrepreneur. Remember that burnouts are not fulfilling and running your enterprise may begin to seem like a chore if you don’t take breaks when necessary to recoup and produce fresh ideas. Rest does a lot of good to a person’s thought process.

  1. Be Optimistic

Focus on the journey and not the destination, enjoy the process and have a positive mindset through the process. Concentrate on the good and not the losses, maybe start journaling in order to understand how far you have come and then you may realize just how much growth your enterprise has gone through. 

  1. View Challenges as New Opportunities

Challenges will definitely arise, there’s a famous saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. When faced with challenges, always look at it as an opportunity to learn something new, this mindset will serve as a good motivation for growth.

  1. Setting Priorities

Prioritize what matters, what would push your business further and most importantly, your health. This is because health is wealth and there’s not much you can do from a sick bed.

  1. Work Based on What You Enjoy Doing

It would be a good idea to channel your business ideas into things you genuinely enjoy doing. If you enjoy sewing maybe start a fashion line, if you enjoy cooking then maybe embark on a food business.

Whatever it may be if you enjoy doing it, your entrepreneurship journey will be less frustrating despite the ups and downs. Ultimately find your purpose in the work you do.

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These are a few things you could do to make your entrepreneurship journey more pleasurable. Start doing these things one day at a time, and if you already put them into practice, prioritize celebrating the small wins, it may just make a difference.

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Nororat Alan-Lodam
Nororat Alan-Lodam
Nororat is a driven law student and thriving entrepreneur. When not immersed in legal studies or growing her business ventures, she finds solace reading novels and writing content particularly for brand promotion.

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