Top 12 Simple Product Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs

Who ever said that becoming a successful entrepreneur entails selling sophisticated products? In today’s world, you can sell items considered irrelevant and still make good money from them as long as they meet a need.

Daily, individuals seek easy business ideas involving simple products that can be sold with little effort and do not require a significant financial investment. 

As you already know, products are goods or services that address a customer’s needs or desires. This article will explore a selection of such products or services that have the potential to sell effortlessly and can be started with little capital.

12 Simple Product and Service Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs

1. Pastry

Launching a startup in this field could prove lucrative if you are open to acquiring fundamental skills in pastry making. Baking cakes, cookies, and various sought-after pastries certainly presents a promising opportunity. 

This business boasts a vast target market, as people universally appreciate lavish treats. Initiating sales within your immediate network, including family, friends, and neighbors, is straightforward, as it would eventually expand from referrals and consistency.

Even better, the low cost of raw materials makes it a feasible venture. 

Obtaining materials would be accessible if you are situated in town; some baking items like flour, sugar, milk, and so on can be sourced from your kitchen, allowing for a resourceful and cost-effective startup. A good number of consumers appreciate locally made and handmade products. 

A pastry business emphasizing high-quality, handmade treats can attract customers looking for unique, carefully crafted goods. Building a good brand name and having good PR could go a long way in your pastry business.

2. Jewelry

Certainly, jewelry deserves a spot on the simple product list, as everyone appreciates quality jewelry. A small yet thoughtful bracelet can serve as a meaningful gift for a loved one, and the same goes for a necklace. 

These are everyday purchases for even the average person. Launching a jewelry business can be manageable, especially since you can partner with a significant vendor who can provide available products to showcase to your customers before making any payments.

All you have to do on your part is acquire the skill of differentiating authentic jewelry from fakes.

Whether you choose this method or not, succeeding in the jewelry business is feasible with minimal capital requirements and the convenience of reaching your target audience quickly.

Many people are drawn to jewelry due to its diverse affordability and visual appeal, whether it’s your family, friends, colleagues, or classmates.

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3. Homemade Soap

You may think soap is just a mere product, but believe this: it is a simple product you can sell anywhere at any time. Common! Who doesn’t shower? Soap is essential to our daily routine, serving various purposes, from handwashing to bathing and laundry. 

Creating high-quality homemade soaps offers a versatile opportunity. For instance, producing dishwashing liquid allows you to purchase ingredients in bulk and sell them in smaller quantities after the soap is made. 

You do not need to worry your pretty head about capital and the like, as acquiring the ingredients is straightforward, as is the entire production process, from mixing at home to packaging according to your preferences. It is just relatively easy.

4. Lip Balm/Lip Gloss

Lip balm is another simple product you can sell. Whether you buy from the manufacturers or intend to make it yourself, it is an uncomplicated process. When making lip gloss or balm at home, all that is required is utilizing easily accessible ingredients found at the nearest market. 

The startup costs are minimal, making it a low-risk venture. Seek high quality because a quality lip balm or gloss is a daily essential, particularly during specific seasons of the year.

5. Perfume

A pleasant scent is universally appreciated. A lovely fragrance is a daily essential for many individuals, and even those who may not necessarily spend so much to acquire it appreciate their personal scent.

Establishing a perfume venture proves to be a simple and lucrative product since individuals are inclined to invest in appealing fragrances. 

You can succeed in this business by purchasing perfumes in bulk and distributing them in smaller quantities, such as self-packaged oil perfumes in compact bottles. This can be done conveniently from home, allowing you to promote your products to those nearby and online. 

6. Drinks

Establishing a business that markets cold beverages in specific locations presents a promising startup concept.

Targeting areas with individuals engaged in demanding jobs, such as labourers at construction sites and travellers at parks where refreshing, chilled drinks are sought to relieve stress and dehydration, can be a strategic approach. 

Additionally, selling drinks at places like hair salons or other venues where people experience fatigue due to extended hours could be beneficial.

Whether offering conventional carbonated drinks or more sophisticated options like smoothies or lemonades, tailoring your product to meet the preferences of your target audience is essential.

7. Tutoring

Yes! Tutoring passes as a simple product because you are selling knowledge. If you possess a particular level of education, maybe still undergoing an undergraduate program, you might explore the possibility of tutoring students in the primary, secondary, or nursery education sectors. 

Given your understanding of their coursework, you can offer valuable assistance. Locating potential students for tutoring can be as simple as reaching out to families in your neighborhood who do not already have tutors for their young children. 

By expressing your interest in teaching or working with children, you can appeal to parents and offer your services. This presents a viable opportunity to earn income, as the more students you tutor, the greater your potential earnings.

Graduates are also strongly advised to try tutoring, as it is also a great career path.

8. Content Creation

If you have been told Content Creation is a tedious process, please write that off because content creation is a simple product for a venture and a sought-after role.

It can never be over-emphasized how content creation stands out as a highly flourishing business in the current technological landscape, including writing, video production, etc. 

With just a phone, you can initiate this venture and, in the future, acquire refined equipment and tools. The key steps involve:

  • Determining the focus of your content.
  • Ensuring its engagement.
  • Identifying your target audience.
  • Subsequently, monetize your content.

This can be achieved by aligning with brands that resonate with your content.

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9. Meal Prep

Considering the prevalence of individuals leading hectic lives, many of whom struggle to find time to prepare their own meals, let alone order food after a demanding day or stand in line at fast-food establishments, the concept of a meal prep business is quite an appealing, simple product to start up. 

The idea involves preparing meals in large quantities—soup and stew in particular—allowing your target audience to freeze and reheat meals at their convenience.

This business can be launched by distributing flyers, word-of-mouth advertising to potential customers, or offering services as a private chef. 

In the latter scenario, you can cook for clients in the comfort of their homes, utilizing their ingredients, thus earning compensation for your culinary skills without any initial capital investment. Who knows? This could become the start of an international restaurant.

10. Babysitting/Child Care

Babysitting is undoubtedly a simple product you can begin offering if you find joy in the company of children and caring for them. This could be a promising venture, demanding only your time and dedication without the need for any financial investment.

Thriving daycares and even schools began with little child care, so give it some thought.

11. Flier Designs

This article would not highlight Graphics Design as a simple product for startup entrepreneurs because it is pretty broad. Not that it is difficult to learn, but an easy, viable aspect you can learn from Graphics Design is designing quick fliers.  

You would even succeed more if you acquired basic editing skills. This endeavor has the potential to generate extra income. All thanks to Canva; with the platform, all you have to do is acquire the necessary skills and start creating and transforming. 

Sometimes, you might need to invest in other applications required to create these flyers, but it’s all achievable.

12. Phone Accessories

Selling phone accessories is an intelligent venture because there are phone products, and with a small amount, you can start it up. There is always a market for people searching for a new phone pouch, earpiece, charger, screen guard, and these days, airPods.

With the prevalence of smartphones, there’s a broad market for these products, making it a sound business choice. So, if you are considering a simple product to start selling, you can also hop on this one.

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Diving into the world of entrepreneurship doesn’t always require a hefty investment. The beauty lies in simple product ideas that resonate with a wide audience, tapping into their everyday needs.

Such businesses often prove profitable because they offer solutions to common problems or add value to daily routines. 

These are just a few of the many simple products available for starting a business out there. You can also try out selling clothes or becoming an online vendor. 

Also, consider products that simplify home management, enhance personal well-being, or even offer eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. These 12 simple products aren’t just business opportunities; they’re chances to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.


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