Nigeria and other countries in the Laker Chad region, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, are said to benefit from a €102.5 million humanitarian relief according to the European Union.

The EU, on Monday and Tuesday, made the solemn promise during the third top-ranking conference on the Lake Chad Region in Niamey.

The purpose of the conference was to preside over regional, collective decision making around the requested modifications for efficiently managing the predominant challenges in the region.

The sum for the new year would be apportioned in the manner described hereafter: Nigeria is to get the sum of €34 million, Niger is to get the sum of €25 million, Chad is to get €26.5 million and Cameroon is to get €17 million humanitarian relief.

The financial support was prepared for finding solutions to problems around the urgent food needs of households and communities impacted by disagreement as well as handling extreme urgent malnutrition in children below five.

According to Janez Lenarcic, the EU Commissioner for Crisis Management, more than 24 million people in the aforementioned countries are roughly calculated to need humanitarian aid , which is a soaring 9.5% from last year.

The relief will give sufficient aid to helpless communities affected by the conflict, displacement and soaring food vulnerability, he said.

The Lake Chad Region encloses far West of Chad and the Northeast of Nigeria and expands to Cameroon and Niger. The region had been domicile to lingering clashes in recent years ago that got many killed and many others were moved from their homelands.

Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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