Leadway Assurance Company Limited is said to unfold artificial intelligence, information-driven and study-oriented inceptive to motivate its functions in the new year as it intends to retain its superiority in Nigeria’s insurance industry.

Mr. Tunde Hassan-Odukale, the CEO/managing director of Leadway, revealed this of recent in his New Year greetings address to all stakeholders on the 1st of January, stating that just as the business sector changes, the rapidity of change being motivated by technology will not be tardy which, without a doubt has pervading effects for business.

Consequently, there will be installment of many information-driven and study-oriented inceptive, obtaining information and AI routine for better procedures and swift decision making to incite deep and uncommon customer experience.

Undoubtedly, one of the company’s special prominence this year, according to the CEO/managing director, is to effectively improve the company’s functional superiority with advancement in its use of technology.

Also, he noted that Leadway is obligated to improve its risk management intended plan of action and technical know-how to guarantee such risks are tightly established, determined and anticipatorily mollified this year and in the future.

Showing positivity that the future holds great chance for advancement for all the company’s business, with the government’s massive investment in public infrastructure and inevitable transformation in the economy, Mr. Tunde added that as an organisation, the company will proceed to access this forthcoming opportunities and pursue its strategic ambition of being the most superior insurance company in turnover and gain market share internally and externally in the retail market segments of the country.

The CEO emphasized that the organisation cannot accomplish these high goals without a fixed dedication to establishing a standard customer experience coherence and at the same time, instructing his team to be more customer-centered in positively increasing the company’s customer experience at every point.

Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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