Airtel Nigeria, a telecom service provider network, has proclaimed its E-SIM launch also known as embedded SIM which is a digital SIM that helps customers to access similar works as that of its physical SIM.

The newly introduced E-SIM gives diverse advantage over the prior SIM cards because of its swiftness and ease of online setup, eco-friendly and a provision of an additional line- grants customers the advantage of using two numbers without having a need for two devices.

Airtel, therefore, joins other network providers who have launched theirs earlier in the Nigerian market. The newly introduced service is available for usage to customers who want to change their present physical SIM for the new one and to do this, customers will be required to make certain they have a congruous device. Customers will also be required to procure the needed QR code then, they will be supervised through a SIM Swap procedure by an authorized Airtel service staff.

The telecommunications company declared that it has created an easy and impeccable procedure to enable the E-SIM service for its customers with the assurance that the E-SIM will noticeably enhance the abundance of Nigerians while also creating an avenue for stakeholders to attain individual and professional ambition.

Femi Oshinlaja, Ag. Chief Commercial Officer for Airtel Nigeria, stated that the telecommunications company is always the lead when it comes to advocating for technological improvement and introducing revolutionary platforms and opportunities that makes life easier for stakeholder value chain.

Going forward, he declared that the company will not only bring the the technology close to its customers but also concentrate on maintaining digital inclusion goals while at the same time, maintaining a clean environment since it is a digital SIM.

The CCO concluded by assuring its customers of their commitment to continuously generate offerings that will increase and intensify its digital footprint in accordance with their rank as a prime cut service provider in Nigeria for all mobile internet related usage.

Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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