Glovo, a food delivery company, has collaborated with Siltech, an Electric Vehicle( EV) company based in Lagos, in a partnership deal signed by both companies. This partnership will enable Glove to use EV products and services to deliver food in some areas of Lagos and help save fuel and operations maintenance expenses. However, the delivery company has yet to start using EV service; Siltech has been operating EV service for some years.

The Sudden hike in petrol prices in Nigeria has crippled most business operations while affecting the economy of the country. This issue has driven some individuals and businesses to switch from fuel usage to EV products and services.

Glove has joined the list of these businesses, having partnered with the EV company for its services.

The collaboration was further confirmed by Tolu William, the CEO of Siltech, that the approved deal offers EV products and services to Glovo, which include charging stations, After-sale service, technical assistance, and battery swapping options.

William further stated that, according to the deal, the service will be discharged at a discounted price to ensure it is more cost-effective than fuel while providing multiple services to Glovo. The first pilot will kick off at the charging and battery stations in Ikate, Lekki, and Victoria Island in Lagos.

The purpose of swapping stations is to make batteries charging faster by swapping a low battery with a fully charged one. This feature is adopted in a personalized and logistics-based bike called Siltech Ginsu bike. Glovo riders will use this bike for delivery, but it will not be revealed when it commences.

Siltech is potentially the first auto company to assemble EVs in Nigeria and is growing in the EV business across Africa.


Ismail Salau
Ismail Salau
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