The Nigerian health insurance service will be getting a big boost as Leadway Health, partners with Vitality Health International. Insurance products, from Vitality Health International, a South African organization, have been tailored for the country’s insurance market.

The South African organization is owned by South African insurer, Discovery. Discovery has won multi-awards and is operational in about 40 countries, amongst them are the USA, China, and the UK where they are improving the lives of over 40 million persons globally.

The company stated during the partnership launch in Lagos that, “The health insurance offering is unique because it focuses on wellbeing, aimed at positively impacting people’s health outcomes while improving and protecting their lives” during the launch in Lagos.

Dr. Tokunbo Allie, the Chief Executive Officer of Leadway Health, a branch of Leadway Holdings and a subsidiary to Leadway Assurance Company Ltd, explained, “With our unique use of technology to provide ground-breaking health insurance, we are able to provide our customers with a better, smarter and more rewarding experience.

He further said, “Through this partnership with Vitality Health International, we want to play an important role in the efforts towards universal health care in Nigeria. “Our goal is to help improve the provision of care and the quality of life for Vitality Health International members and their families, in order to accelerate the achievement of our collective vision.”

Meanwhile, Emma Knox, the CEO of Vitality Health International, quoted, “Vitality Health International has a core purpose running through everything we do: To make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives.

“The foundation of the Vitality shared-value model is to reward people for healthier behaviours, which also improves their physical and mental well-being while improving productivity and decreasing the employer’s insurance or ‘health risk’.

“Through this model, Vitality Health International is contributing towards a healthier society by making businesses and their employees healthier.”


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