PayC, also known as PayConfidence, is a newly launched app which assures to address trust issues in the online payment space in order to create confidence level in virtual payment world.



The app is available for download on the App Store and Android app store. Through the online payment, seamless connection between merchants and buyers are guaranteed.


In collaboration with Squad which is a GTCO payment channel, online buyers can pay for their ordered items but the payment is released to the merchant after a satisfactory transaction is made and confirmed.


Austin Onwughai, Founder of PayC, during its launch, stated that the resolution process takes fives days and could be increased to twenty days, which is an extensible by three times on occasions of disagreement between merchants and buyers.


Going forward, he stated that the application resolves major issues that negatively influence the growth of e-commerce trading across the world.


Other than email and phone number, he stated that users’ privacy is guaranteed as the company’s partner holds sensitive data and users do not need to be on shopping platforms to make payment. It is also not a time restricting app as the app can be made use of any time which will increase the app usage by many, saying, “With the application, we have come to solve the problem of trust in our online marketing space.”


Stating the challenges of sellers not ending up selling as a result of cash on delivery fraud, he stressed the issue of ‘what I ordered vs. what I got’.


Onwugbai also said, “with PayC mobile app, buyers can now pay any merchant for goods and services, using the seller’s merchant code.”


With PayC, once buyers have received their orders and confirmed the delivery, the seller will be credited with the paid fund. This will be after the seller has been notified of the buyer’s payment which will enable initiation of delivery, he said.


Ajayi Taiye
Ajayi Taiye
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