Snapplify and Longhorn Publishers partner to bring innovative solutions to education in Africa

Longhorn Publishers a renowned publishing company in Africa has partnered with Snapplify, an award-winning technology company to bring innovative solutions to the education system in Africa. The partnership between the two giant companies will provide thousands of curriculum based books to schools and students across Africa.

As one of Africa’s top educational publisher. Longhorn’s book collection covers diverse curriculae, across East Africa, West Africa, and Southern Africa. By relying on the technology which Snapplify’s provides and the already established relationship with schools, Longhorn can now make their top quality ebooks available to an even wider population.

Comments on the Partnership

Speaking on the partnership, Penina Kimani, Chief Digital Officer at Longhorn said, ‘At Longhorn, we know that digital is the future. We’ve invested heavily in our digital department to develop engaging, interactive educational content, which is why we are particularly excited about this partnership with Snapplify’.

Kimani also noted that the Snapplify platform permits offline access, supports interactive learning and works well across all devices including older models. It comes with features that facilitate and make learning easy such as in-app notes, text-to-speech and highlight feature. The Snapplify platform is comprehensive and has a broad Pan African coverage, making it the ideal platform to host Longhorn’s digital content.

David Ayieko, Snapplify’s Regional Manager for East Africa, made the following comments, ‘We are incredibly proud to partner with Longhorn. The company has made huge strides to develop an expansive list of educational materials that not only meet the curriculum requirements of specific regions, but which include interactive content. The value that this will bring to Snapplify schools and the impact that this will have on student engagement and learning will be huge’.

About Snapplify

Snapplify was established in 2012 and has been working to provide increased access to educational resources across Africa with much success. The company is established in over 35 territories with offices in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, UK, US and Europe.

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