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One of Africa’s top technologically focused market place for founders, GetFundedAfrica, has collaborated with Uqudo which is one of EMEA’s most inceptive digital identity companies, to raise digital identity and technological growth on the African continent.

The tech company links African founders with world wide teachers, instructors, governments, investors and corporate bodies. It has helped more than 2,500 startups and fifty thousand small medium enterprises over the African continent.

Uqudo has executed projects for enterprise customers, policy dictators and governments in addition to collaborating with upcoming organisations to bring about technological advancement that propels business scale, regulatory acquiescence and operational effectiveness. Its goal is to create trust and openness to a rising digital circle by creating an identity stratum.

The pact will ensure Uqudo help GetFundedAfrica’s large community network with its digital identity foundation. In consequence, changing into a sturdy value of GetFundedAfrica’s technological platform and assisting in the unfolding of its market place.

GetFundedAfrica will perform an important part in supporting Uqudo to link with new companies, associates and partners in preparation of creating a digital identity for Africa.

Uqudo will give thorough digital onboarding for every new companies who need assistance on the GetFundedAfrica’s platform. With swift digitisation and entrance of smartphones over Africa, thorough digital orientation has become an essential demand for startups to effectively scale. 

As identity theft and deception are on the increase, upcoming organisations on the GetFundedAfrica’s platform will be able to perform with a leader in ID & V that can aid their development journeys, nationally and internationally while safeguarding them from market risks.

The two parties will control individual strengths and skills to attain a common goal.

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