There was a massive relief to the health workers in the Nigerian state of Ebonyi as the United States Agency for International Development’s Integrated Health Program (USAID-IHP) provided Ambu bags and nose masks to health centers. This provision is aimed at saving the lives of newborn babies in the state.

The Ambu bags and masks will help to revive newborns who are having breathing challenges. Before the availability of the Ambu bags, most of the newborns were referred to teaching hospitals.

Other primary tools provided by the USAID among other items are long artery forceps, knockers, cord scissors, nontoothed dissecting forceps, needle holders, episiotomy scissors, cord clamps, drapes, bag and mask, penguin bulb, Kelly’s force, sponge holding force, long artery forceps, and small artery forceps.

The involvement of the USAID has boosted the number of newborns in the center and the supply of the basic tools has also facilitated the ease of executing jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Some health workers begged the state government to employ more doctors to bridge the lack of adequate manpower gap. This will improve the delivery rate of babies and create a more conducive atmosphere to boost efficiency. The workers also hailed the USAID-IHP, asking them to not relax in their endeavors in assisting the centers as they have brought solace and joy to the people of the community.



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