The Indian government has pledged to strengthen its partnership with the Tanzanian government by investing 1 trillion Tanzanian shillings in improving the water sector. This was announced by Indian Foreign Minister Dr. Subrahmanyan Jaishankar during his visit to inspect the progress of the Kibamba water tank, which was built by the two governments in collaboration.

According to Dr. Jaishankar, the Indian government is prepared to work with the Tanzanian government to ensure that water services are improved, as water is a basic necessity for all people. While he also praised the Tanzanian government for its unceasing efforts to enhance access to clean water, noting that a large portion of the population now has access to this essential service.

Meanwhile, the Tanzanian Minister for Water, Jumaa Aweso, also commended the Indian government for its efforts on improving water services in the country.

“Through the government of India, this Kibamba – Kisarawe project was implemented mainly on the construction of this tank with a capacity of six million litres and we are truly grateful because it has been very helpful to our people,” he said.

Also, in his speech, he said the Indian government has made significant improvements to water services in both Tanzanian’s urban and rural areas.. As of recent, 88% of people in urban areas and 77% of people in rural areas have access to clean water. The government is continuing to work to strengthen these services and reach its goal of universal access to clean water.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of DAWASA, Mr Kiula Kingu, also congratulated the Indian government for its investment in water projects in Tanzania. He specifically mentioned the Tanzanian’s Kibamba-Kisarawe water project, which has been fully implemented at a cost of 10.6 billion Tanzanian shillings and serves 450,000 residents of Kibamba and Kisarawe District.

Moralist Festus
Moralist Festus
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