How to Find the Best Site to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

The advent of the internet has enabled the emergence of digital assets like gift cards which allow people to shop online. This real-time value has further positioned this asset as the best alternative to cash due to its forms and functions. As such, you can make money from this asset by selling your gift cards for cash on Prestmit, which is the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Nigeria has a huge market for gift cards, giving room for gift card trading. Today, gift card trading is one of the best ways to make money online. So if you are not redeeming your gift cards at the store that issued them, you can sell them in Nigeria at profitable rates.

Importance of Selling Gift Cards in Nigeria

  1. Best way to make cash

Gift cards are a viable digital asset because of their real-time value with respect to their currency and denomination. Therefore, selling gift cards enables you to earn cash in approximation to the real exchange rate of the gift card value. For instance, when you sell a $100 Amazon gift card, the amount of cash you will get is in the calculation of the equivalent of $1 to naira in Nigeria.

  1. Promoting international business

A great way to develop your brand is to sell your goods or provide a service to entities across the world. It is common knowledge that receiving cross-border payments through traditional banks can be a bit difficult in Nigeria. But you can receive payments in gift cards, sell your card on the best website like Prestmit and receive payment instantly. 

  1. Avoid breakage

Breakage is a common term used when a gift card goes unused. Breakage could result from loss, damage, or expiration of the gift card. That’s why it‘s best to use your gift card immediately, and selling your card is a smart move in this instance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift Card Site in Nigeria

  1. Payment options and flexibility

You can receive payment through different mediums when you decide to sell your gift cards in Nigeria, and it varies with gift card trading sites. Selling your gift card on a site like Prestmit enables you to receive payments in fiat currency (naira) or cryptocurrency (BTC or USDT). It gives you the best option that suits your preference. On the other hand, other gift card sites may only provide you with cash in naira when you sell them.

  1. Exchange rates and fees

The essence of every trade is getting a good return. So, you need to consider selling your gift card on a platform that offers the best gift card rates. Although there are various gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, what separates one from the other is the exchange rates and the fees they offer.

  1. Reputation and security

It’s a widespread opinion that the internet has become a hotbed of fraudsters lurking to steal people’s funds, especially digital assets like gift cards and cryptocurrency. Therefore, you must do your due diligence in choosing a credible and reliable platform that has put some excellent security features in place to guarantee your safety while trading with them.

3 Tips for Selling Gift Cards in Nigeria

  1. Research the gift card value

It’s best and advisable to research the market value of your gift card before selling it. This would give you an overview of the gift card rate in the Nigerian market as it relates to currency conversion in Nigeria. For instance, you can currently sell a $100 iTunes gift card for N41,000 on Prestmit, but you may sell this same card for N39,000 on other sites. So the decision is yours on the platform that gives you the best gift card rates.

  1. Check expiration dates

While some gift cards like Steam gift cards and Apple gift cards do not expire, some do expire. Therefore, you must always look out for the validity of your card so that you can cash out before it loses its validity.

  1. Beware of scams

It is essential to be proactive in avoiding different schemes of scams that could make you lose your gift card. You must ensure to trade your gift card with only a gift card trading platform with an excellent online reputation in terms of its security of trade and reliability of paying gift card sellers. Be wary of selling your gift card on social media platforms, as this is one of the common ways people lose their cards.

How To Sell Gift Cards On Prestmit In Nigeria

The following are the quick steps to sell your gift cards on Prestmit:

  • Download the Prestmit app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Create a Prestmit account and log in
  • Click on “Buy & sell gift cards.”
  • Click on “Sell gift cards.”
  • Choose “naira” as your preferred payment method
  • Choose your preferred gift card
  • Choose whether you’re selling a physical gift card or an Ecode
  • Enter the “amount” of your gift card
  • Upload the image of your card if you’re selling a physical card, and enter the gift card code in the comment section if you’re selling an Ecode
  • You will see the rate of your card through the automatic gift card calculator
  • Click on “Proceed” to complete and confirm your transaction
  • You will receive your cash in your Prestmit naira wallet immediately 


You shouldn’t be broke if you have a gift card. There’s always a market for you to sell your card and make quick cash in return. 

Remember to only sell your cards on credible and reliable sites that guarantee your funds’ safety. Do your due diligence and research for each gift card trading platform before choosing one. In summary, Prestmit is the best platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

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