Veone Digital has Launched CentralBill, an Online Payment Application in Côte d’Ivoire

A new online payment and e-commerce application called CentralBill was launched in Abidjan by Veone digital during the 2nd edition of the Africa open innovation summit (AOIS). CentralBill aims to support the digital transformation of companies in terms of online collections and collections.

The application was designed in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. This means that it allows companies to subscribe to the online payment service without having to acquire the application or install it on their computer equipment. Presented in this way, CentraBill functions as an autonomous virtual counter to collect any payment from various sources (mobile money, payment card, banks).

Mohamed Sounkéré Speaks on the Launching

“It’s a payment system that will be at the heart of your invoicing system, which will interact with all of your management tools, with your customers, which will allow you to launch invoicing requests, to launch collection services, with or without a portal,” explained Veone digital’s managing director, Mohamed Sounkéré.

“We have chosen to start with a “flat” model, which means that this application will be available to everyone in batches of features, regardless of their volume of business. This is unheard of in terms of a payment platform model. It is the model best suited to start-ups, medium-sized companies (SMIs/SMEs, VSEs) and even large companies or institutions,” he argued.

From now on, these structures will now be able to utilize their receipts or invoices. And, this, whatever the turnover they will have to achieve.

Eliam M’bahia Speaks

Eliam M’bahia, business unit manager, added that this model is also for people who make temporary payments such as payment of school fees. In addition, CentralBill allows you to settle a bill by making partial payments from different sources.

A technology company offering solutions used in Africa for 11Vernes, Veone is the pioneer in Côte d’Ivoire-source source issues.

“Our ambition is to make a strong contribution to the development of our various African c,”e entries” declared Mohamed Sounkéré

Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
Ediomi-Abasi Umoh
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