Liquid C2 launches Cyber Security Fusion Centre for Kenyan businesses

Liquid C2, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, launched its first Cyber Security Fusion Centre (CSFC) in Nairobi, Kenya. This will become the second centre of its kind in Africa. In the last few years there has been an increase in cyberattacks, with Africa becoming a major target for cybercriminals. With the digital evolution of businesses came an upscale of cyber threats and only 29 of 54 African countries have introduced cyber security legislation according to the Global Cybersecurity Index (2021).

This centre will contribute to our efforts in ensuring that our Kenyan customers have access to real-time intelligence-driven alerts and enable them to be proactive rather than reactive in today’s complex cyber security landscape. Raising awareness on the importance of cyber security is not only of benefit to clients, it is also fundamental in Kenya’s economic growth as the country undergoes digital transformation.

CEO of Liquid C2 Speaks

“The adoption of digital technology is on the increase among Kenyan businesses, and the country’s connected population grew to about 22 million in early 2021. The increased number of digitally inclusive businesses and individuals implies that there is target pool for malicious entities. As a result, we have witnessed increased demands from customers wanting to partner with us so as to benefit from the services our Fusion Centre offers in South Africa. Now, we have brought the same expertise to Kenya’s ever-growing digitally connected population. Through our matrix of Fusion Centres, Liquid C2 will predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks that target our customers,” said David Behr, CEO of Liquid C2.

Benefits to Clients

Clients in Kenya stand to benefit from an array of novel Cyber Security services that leverage Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel which will be delivered and monitored on a regular basis, without interruption, all year round. In addition, Liquid C2 has partnered with Xcitium to provide solutions tailored towards small and medium enterprises who require Security Operation Centre (SOC) services without necessarily investing in Enterprise SOC services or highly skilled resources above their budget.

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