Meet Adedayo Ogunleye (Dayo TheManPointa) – Business Coach & Mentor, Management and Human Resource Consultant

Today, we have the privilege of chatting exclusively with Adedayo Ogunleye, a catalyst for success who has helped numerous aspiring entrepreneurs turn their visions into reality.

Hailing from Ekiti State, he completed his primary and secondary education there before pursuing law at the University of Lagos, Akoka. Overcoming challenges, he has transformed into a passionate coach, igniting the potential of young entrepreneurs.

He is a graduate of Western Ville University, holding a Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management from San Diego, CA, United States. He’s an esteemed member of Nigerian Bar Association and is affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching, Nigeria as well as the International Association of Project Managers, Switzerland.

Currently, he’s pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at the National Open University of Nigeria.

Keep reading to get more insights about Adedayo Ogunleye, his career and coaching business.

Exclusive Interview with Adedayo Ogunleye (Dayo TheManPointa) – Business Coach & Mentor, Management and Human Resource Consultant

Adedayo Ogunleye

Good morning, Mr. Ogunleye. It’s a pleasure to engage in this conversation with you.

Good morning! It’s delightful to meet you.

Could you share what motivated you to become a business coach and mentor?

During my time studying Law at the University of Lagos, I dabbled in several businesses, but they often took a back seat due to time constraints. I faced challenges related to managing time and finances, along with difficulty in selecting the right business to pursue.

At that juncture, engaging in business was my way of preparing for life after academics. I also acquired skills in areas like graphic design, website design, and digital marketing. Throughout this period, I encountered many fellow students who were also delving into various businesses, and we all grappled with similar issues. I incurred losses and experienced business failures.

As time went on, I began attending business programs on campus. These events connected me with established business owners who became mentors and guides, recommending insightful books for me to read. My shared experiences with peers further fueled my interest in mentoring and coaching within the realm of business.

Fascinating journey! How exactly do you provide guidance to budding entrepreneurs and business owners?

I’ve established online groups where I offer free mentorship to young entrepreneurs. While everyone appreciates free resources, I use certain qualifying questions to gauge their seriousness. These inquiries revolve around their motivations, passions, aspirations over the next few years, prior business experience, and related factors.

Once I’m convinced of their commitment, I embark on coaching them by helping them identify critical skills for success in their chosen business domain. I encourage young entrepreneurs to join my mentorship program, as it provides a wealth of information and resources, and also facilitates networking opportunities with experienced business figures.

Detailed information about my coaching services is available on my business coaching academy’s website,

Could you share some success stories of individuals you’ve coached and mentored?

Absolutely! One of the most rewarding experiences involved a group of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs enrolled in my mentorship program. Their eagerness to delve into the business world was palpable, but they lacked clear starting points.

Through my mentorship, they not only discovered their strengths and weaknesses but also exhibited remarkable growth as they navigated and surmounted challenges.

A specific mentee stands out – a remarkably talented individual who, through personalized guidance and discussions, recognized his true potential. He’s successfully launched his business, and I’m gratified to witness his vision transforming into reality.

It’s a firm belief of mine that steering entrepreneurs towards businesses that align with their inherent strengths fosters authenticity and passion, vital components of their ventures’ success.

Impressive outcomes! While you’ve observed the transformation of mentees, how do you evaluate business performance and pinpoint avenues for enhancement?

Assessing business performance is rooted in gauging its progress and success. This is pivotal for tracking growth, preventing financial woes, and ensuring the business’s trajectory remains positive.

I commence by evaluating the business’s goals, both immediate and long-term. Subsequently, I establish specific indicators, qualitative or quantitative, to gauge each goal’s performance.

The next step involves determining how to collect evaluation data – this could entail surveys, observation, questionnaires, or interviews. Upon gathering the data, I analyze and interpret it, comparing it against past benchmarks. This facilitates a comprehensive understanding of whether the business is on track or needs adjustments.

What are some prevalent challenges that business proprietors encounter, and how do you support them in overcoming these obstacles?

Business owners grapple with an array of challenges, most commonly funding constraints, distractions, and mismanagement of time and finances. Addressing these hurdles necessitates personal development and cultivating a resilient mindset. While these issues are not novel, history is replete with successful entrepreneurs who have surmounted them.

Young entrepreneurs must invest in self-education, partake in business programs, and collaborate with coaches and mentors who accompany them on their business journeys.

Impressive strategies for resilience! How would you advise businesses to maintain competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth?

To foster both competitiveness and sustainable growth, I advocate for businesses to center their efforts on understanding customer needs and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Crafting distinctive services is key, capitalizing on their unique attributes. Acquiring in-depth knowledge of their industry’s landscape and competitors, recognizing weak points in rivals, and adapting flexibly to market and economic shifts are all pivotal. By leveraging their competitors’ weaknesses and remaining resilient, businesses can maintain their competitive edge and flourish.

Insightful advice! Shifting focus, how do you infuse HR best practices into your coaching and consulting services?

The crux of coaching and human resource practices in any organization is aligning individual and organizational goals. Coaching’s focal point is tailored to each individual’s needs. Integrating human resource consulting and coaching serves to maximize employee performance, fostering job satisfaction, enriching employer-employee relationships, and elevating overall company performance.

Within Adedayo Ogunleye Business Coaching Academy (AOBC ACADEMY), services encompass business, executive, and employee coaching, particularly targeting management, executives, and individuals striving to overcome performance hurdles.

In my role as a coach and human resource consultant, my approach centers on comprehending each individual’s uniqueness within an organization, harnessing their potential to realize personal objectives, thereby propelling organizational success.

How do you aid businesses in cultivating a healthy company culture that attracts and retains top-tier talent?

A robust organizational culture invariably spurs both individual and collective growth. Such cultures are magnetic, luring people in and evoking a desire to be part of the organization’s journey. My assistance in fostering a healthy culture involves emphasizing the significance of stakeholders such as employees, partners, and suppliers. These elements comprise the operational backbone of an organization.

Thus, decisions, especially policy formulation, should take their perspectives into account. My consulting involves conducting organizational evaluations of policies and operations, ensuring that practices foster collaboration, communicate values and vision, and champion equality, diversity, and transparency. Additionally, recognizing and rewarding employees’ achievements bolsters a positive work culture.

Maintaining up-to-date knowledge is crucial in your field. How do you stay current with the latest trends and best practices?

Recognizing that knowledge isn’t insular, I engage with mentors within my industry. Collaborating with colleagues facilitates idea exchange, igniting discussions on improving our practice collectively.

Finally, what are your future plans for expanding your coaching and consulting services?

I’m focused on serving business owners in my coaching and consulting ventures. Numerous young individuals aspire to carve their paths as entrepreneurs, yet often grapple with uncertainty and confusion. Their dreams of swift riches are not always true because they soon get burdened with challenges and forget their passion.

In Adedayo Ogunleye Business Coaching Academy (AOBC ACADEMY), our goal is to raise exceptional business coaches who will raise exceptional business owners. We offer certifications like Professional certification in Business Coaching and Professional certification in Executive Coaching and some other courses.

I have a second establishment called Neonmark Consulting. It is a business consulting firm that offers services like Business Branding, Business Advisory, Human Resource Consulting, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, and even Business Writing Services.

Can you tell us your social media handles so that prospective customers can reach out to you?

Sure, I can be reached on Facebook at @iamadedayoogunleye, and Instagram at  @iamadedayoogunleye. 

Thank you. 

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